Monday, May 16, 2011

Sailing Mojo

Well you certainly could sail a ship across the prairies right now - that wind is howling again...hopefully it will die down as the week goes on.
Today's sketch is from the Mojo Monday Sketch Challenge. When I look back at the sketch I see that I have "mislayered" the section on the right. It was just getting to a point where I wanted to get the ruddy thing together. I had to redo the base of the card having had some issues with the eyelets I was attaching!!!! (They didn't make the final cut!)

Oh well, the ship has sailed - and it's on to another challenge for tomorrow. I'm doing a watercolour class Tuesday night - so I'm hoping to get a card in before then. Everything is set up, so as long as the challenges don't stump me - everything should be good.

I have to have some sort of release, I'm working up to my spring concert in two weeks and I really don't feel as ready as I would like - But - I have faith in all my kids 'cause they ROCK, and I know I'll get what I want in the end. And yes, that sounds like I'm a control freak - and at concert time....I am!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit - have a wonderful day.


Olena said...

WOW! Beautiful card! Love it! Olena

Carol Kugler said...

oh... i LOVE this set! This cards is STUNNING!! I love it!!

Cindy Haffner said...

Joan I ADORE this!!~