Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day !!
Purses......I love purses!!!!!! The Splitcoast Inspiration Challenge this week is based from a handbag site - they have some awesome bags - I haven't done that challenge yet though - theses little guys were made at the Team meeting this past week. Lots of fun!

We also created this butterfly card using the new coloured embossing powder. I've decided I'm going to have a butterfly workshop because I've created so many of the little critters this past while. So.........

Since I don't have the "doodled" butterfly - I decided to use the Butterfly Wings set and the embossing powders to get bolder wings. I embossed butterfly wings with this same colour last week - but this is a bit easier for a workshop because the the opportunity to use the punch instead of having to cut them out.

I hope you have a relaxing Sunday - Celebrate with the women in your life!
Thanks for stopping by today - Joan

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Marlene said...

What a treat! Three cards today! Love them...especially the "Imagine" one! Hope you are having a fantastic day. :)