Saturday, September 19, 2009

Late Grad...

I guess since I was busy with grad I didn't getting around to posting a picture of our princess. It was a wonderful time and we are so proud of her. I was surprised to find that one of our local scrapbook stores had die cuts of various High School from the area. I got two so I could use it when I do my sons....which has already passed!

I actually think I need something else on the blue page, but I'm not sure what.....I'm NOT cutting out anymore grad hats! (Cute though they may be.)

I'm in Banff this weekend with my husband. Hope you're having a good one! JOAN

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Betty said...

Nice job and it looks like it was a good time enjoyed by all. Maybe a festive party cutout in the corner? Or a stack of books to represent all the years in school! (haha)