Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cards and Mountains

Happy Thursday everyone!  I'm totally excited about the package I got in the mail yesterday......the birthday cards I designed on MDS using our school mascot.  All I really did was rework the Welcome Back card I created here......
I gave our cute grizzly a birthday hat and exchanged the apple for a cup cake.  There are 200 of these babies ready to give out to the children this year.  WoooHooo!

Today is actually "Friday" for me.....and this is going to be my home for the next two days.
Yeup - the Banff Springs Hotel.  I'm heading there around noon today with my husband who has meetings, and I get to rest,  work on MDS and art/doodle surrounded by beautiful scenery.
Life is good!

I hope today and this weekend have you surrounded by either people or scenery you love.
Thanks for dropping by!

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Wendie Waldman said...

Your card is just too fun - any kid would love it!
Two days in Banff. Couldn't be more inspiring - isn't it neat you can take MDS with you?!