Saturday, August 31, 2013

School Banner

Well, it has been a busy two weeks getting a new school ready for children next week, but I believe we have pulled it off.  I'm so excited for this year!

A couple of weeks ago I saw Rochelle's pencil banner HERE - which she created on MDS.  I followed her example and created one, using our MDS punches, for our school using our new logo in the centre pencil.  I used some old hemp twine to connect them and added some burlap ribbon bows for accent.  Now I'm planning to create one seasonally for our entrance.  Woo Hoo!

And, just to share what I've been busy doing over the past two is my music room when I arrived on the 19th of August.  All my supplies stacked, plus some extra stuff left in the room and on the walls.

Everything is now in it's place.  I have a wonderful open space to place games and teach well as being able to use risers for seating.  It won't take long before the open space is filled with instruments too - but I'm happy to have a large storage room (old band instrument storage room) to put all my instruments in until they're needed.

Hope you have a wonderful beginning to your long weekend.  I'm hoping to get some chores done at home that didn't get done this summer......or I just may relax - who knows.

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