Monday, July 11, 2011

Sleeping Among the Stars

I'm sorry that the large picture is so dark here - the joys of children photographing their pets with less than great cameras.  Oh well, I'm thankful for the photos regardless of what they look like.

I'm getting used to using images more than one time on a page.  I sort of made the stars "glow" a bit by making their dropped shadow in  a yellow.  I placed a bunch, grouped them, and then copied them around the page rotating them a bit so they didn't always look the same.

Anyone camping under the stars during the holidays?

Thanks for dropping in.


Marlene said...

Adorable! I'm really enjoying your kitty layouts. :)

No camping for me unless it's in a four star

Deb said...

Another great page, I really love the colours you used as well as the font!