Friday, July 8, 2011

Basking in the Sun

This page took a bit of work and thinking....

I have three different colours of the tree and have set them just off each other to give the impression of more leaves.

It also took a bit to get the butterflies the way I wanted them.  However - once I got my first one created, I went off onto a "new" sheet of paper as a working space - recoloured the butterfly and then copied and pasted it onto this page.  That way the alignment didn't change .

We'll still be beetling around the Eastern Coast of Canada at this time.  I look forward to basking on my deck when I get home!

Thanks for stopping by,


Tamara Bertram said...

VERY cool! I love the LHS edging!!

Marlene said...

Oh, I LOVE the way you shadowed that tree! Beautiful!