Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I apologize for no postings in the last couple of days. I dealt with a migraine all weekend and ended up tidying my stamping room yesterday so I could work in it tonight. So, I'll post after school.
In the meantime, I'll bore you with pets....
Belle....the hunter, stalker

Tigger...who has no modest, but will scratch you if you try to rub his tummy

Button....the wacked out kitten who gets into everything...she also plays piano.

and Captain Jack Sparrow....safely in his enclosure!!!!! He only escaped once, the day he arrived. I make sure that zipper is shut tight....believe me!!!!

Thanks for visiting....I'll have something more creative tonight. Have a great day - Joan


dpkennedy said...

Cutie pies! All except the snake! Well, I guess he's cute to somebody. They are beautiful creatures but I still don't want one! I do however have some kinda gross caterpillars cocooning as we speak..and they make a mess! I can't wait to move them into the mess enclosure and throw away the yuck they have created while molting! Glad your migraine is over...they really put a damper on things! But, you cleaned your stamp room...doesn't that feel good?! I love when my space is orderly. It doesn't happen often, but it's great when it does! Have a great day Joan!

Alex said...

How totally cute - except for the snake, uggghhH!!! Your cats are adorable!

I hope your migraine is gone, I get those too and they are no fun at all!


Lee said...

Ohhhhhhhhh how fun and cute!! I LOVE pet photos!!!! We had a snake just for a few days that we caught when the kids were little.......I hated the crickets we had to feed it waaaaaaay more than the snake itself!!! LOL I'm sorry you had a nasty migraine....I sure hate those!! But can't wait to see some more wonderful creations!!

Anonymous said...

Joan, I am sorry to hear you have to deal with migraines as well. Take it easy! I hope you feel better today!
Hugs and smiles

Andrea, said...

Fabulous photos, what cute cats, not sure about the snake though!!

Jill said...

Is Captain Jack a corn snake? We had a corn snake named Harry Potter. Sadly he did escape thanks to my three year old. I'm pretty sure he made it out of the house into the wild since we never found him anywhere in the house. It's kind of an uncomfortable feeling to know that there could be a snake loose in the house. :)I thought that he made an excellent pet. Cool and very low maintenance.