Thursday, May 1, 2008

First Official RAK

It's been a busy, but an exciting week in blog land.......I got home today and found an envelope from Fredericton, New Brunswick. I don't "know" anyone from there so I was a bit excited. I opened it to find this card from Lisa welcoming me to RAK through Splitcoast.
Yipee, Yippee, I'm so happy and thankful for bright balloons and Creamcicles. ( I love Creamcicles!!!!!)

And now, I'm heading to bed. Fridays are early mornings for the car pool since we head out for breakfast almost before the sun peaks over the horizon. Gotta begin picking up two other women and Amy at 6:30. Ya do what ya gotta to celebrate Friday!!!

Ta for now,


Lee said...

I've only been in RAK for a little while and there is soooo much there to try to keep up with! But it's fun......I am LOVING WishRAK specifically!! Hope to "see" you around there!!!

Alex said...

Very cute RAK - lucky gal!

Can you pm me your addy?


Dawn Easton said...

Such a cute RAK! It's so much fun to get mail! I got one a couple of days ago from someone I didn't know either! Makes it exciting! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

dpkennedy said...

Mmmmm....creamsicles! I love those too!! I just joined RAK in March and received a couple and sent out about 4. They are a lot of fun! Glad I decided to do it!