Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just for Fun.....with a stuffy

A quick bit of background -
My daughter (almost 20) spent a week in Mexico and didn't think she could take her stuffed Zebra, named Bunny, with her. So I said I would take care of Bunny and spent the week taking various pictures of bunny at school and home. I used My Digital Studio to create 5x5 pages to make a little book for Allison when she got home.
It's typical me - I have NO problem with stuffed animals - talking to them, hugging them - in fact two of the bears on the "New Friends" page spent time with me while I recovered from my knee replacements - so Allison was not surprised that Bunny spent so much time with me.

The kids at school were quite co-operative with helping with photos; and my son was patient enough to take a picture of Bunny on his drums for me before their gig - in a bar - on a Friday night. What a good guy!

It's the first I've used My Digital Studio, and while I enjoy the tactile use of papers and embellishments (and DIMENSIONALS!!!!) I did have tons of fun creating these.

Back to card making - thanks for stopping by - Have a terrific day - Joan


Marlene said...

What a sweet story - and what FANTASTIC layouts!!! I love what you did. Great idea!

Tamara Bertram said...


Deb said...

These are all just fantastic Joan!!! You've done a superb job on each page, and the photos are great. What a fun idea, you're such a good Mom!!