Friday, September 3, 2010

Extravaganza Frame

I spent the whole day in appointments yesterday getting ready for surgery, and when I came home I tried my best to get some things put in order in the house. I will be so so soooooo glad when the ensuite is finished and I can move back into MY bathroom! We also have our son moving home for a month in between houses so I'm trying to make his room (which has been cluttered with bathroom stuff) a bit more welcoming for him.....


I didn't get any stamping done last night, but I can share with you this FANTASTIC frame that we created at the Edmonton Extravaganza that Shelli Gardner came to. Tamye Dunbar's father and husband worked the camera and printer to ensure that people went home with a photo of Shelli to put in this frame. I was so nervous making it to begin with - but the decor elements were a lot easier to manipulate around the frame than I thought they would be. I am SOOOOOO going to offer this as a class for my stampers!

First Friday of the school year - and the first long weekend. I hope you all have a safe weekend! Thanks for visiting!

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Marlene said...

Ooh...that is a pretty frame!

Enjoy your long weekend!