Monday, June 17, 2013

Bubbles in Da House!

Welcome to a scrap sketch day at MDS Monday  - this week's sketch is created by Heidi; and boy did I have fun with this one!

I absolutely love blowing bubbles!  When I taught full time, I would sneak them out onto the playground on my supervision days, climb to a high spot and start blowing.  It was great seeing the children spot them, wonder where they came from, and then spend the rest of recess chasing after them - no matter what grade they were in.

So - it's not surprising that I'm MORE THAN WILLING to blow bubbles in the house for Elliot.  He has such a wonderful little sound of delight as they float down around him.  I think this was the second time I'd blown them for him - during a time when he was quite sick too.  I did the blowing and my darling daughter just kept snapping pictures on her i-phone and caught this one with his fingers just touching the bubble.

For Heidi's "any shape" pieces, I grabbed one of the bubbles and changed the shape of the photo box to a circle before duplicating it.  The background is a blurry photo of a bunch of  bubbles which I've decreased to opacity on.

I hope you have fun with this sketch - and you HAVE to check out the the MDS Monday Challenge Blog because there's an  awesome assortment of variations on the "any shape" to inspire you

Make sure you link your project back to the blog so we can check it out.  I love visiting the blogs to see everyone's work.

It's a busy week - I've got my list that I keep getting at least one thing crossed off and another one or two added - but I will persevere and everything will get done in the end.

Hope you have a Marvelous Monday.  
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Heidi Baks said...

What a rockin' grandma you are! I don't think I've ever blown bubbles in the house. Super fun page!!

Tara (Murphy) Bourgoin said...

What a super sweet page, Joan! How lucky to have snapped the more perfectly timed picture, too! And I agree with Heidi, you've definitely won the aware for grandma of the year (we don't do bubbles in the house either... but I think now might be the time to loosen up a bit! haha)

beth rush said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all those bubbles going up the side of the page!! they look great! how clever! and I really like how the background is the photo too. The hands reaching to pop the bubbles is precious!

International Directory Blogspot said...
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Denise Willerton said...

This is the sweeetest page!!! I LOVE bubbles too and absolutely love what you've done with this sketch...TFS ~ enjoy your evening :-)

Denise Willerton said...
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