Thursday, April 9, 2020

First Mystery Card Monday

 I meant to create this post earlier than today, but I started a puzzle and time disappears once I get started on one.  Anyway - Monday of this week I had my first Facebook Live with a Mystery Card Monday.  I sent out a post with the pieces/supplies that would be needed for the card without being too specific.  Then Monday evening people joined me on line to make the card, without actually seeing what I was creating....I just went through the instructions of what I was doing.  The mystery was revealed at the end of it, everyone had a different card, using the same sized pieces and I loved seeing what people created.

The card above is the one that I did on-line, the two below are "trials" when practicing for the Facebook Live.  These original card supplies and sizes were taken from Tamara Bertram over at Tamara's Paper Trails.  If you are interested in joining me Monday evenings you can find me on Facebook at jjcreations247.  I'd love to have you join me.

Here is a sample of the supply list people were given to help them get ready to stamp with me.

As I mentioned before, I started a puzzle this week and here is my helper-hinderer.  I love doing jigsaw puzzles and have quite a few, so I imagine I will get through a number of them before this whole home isolation is over.

I hope you are finding things to keep you busy in your home.

Stay Home, Stay Safe
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