Friday, October 12, 2012

Playing with Crayons

I finally got around to creating a crayon picture using our Stampin'Up! fabrics and ribbons.

I've been eyeing all those fabulous crayon creations on Pinterest and this weekend I took a deep breath and tried it out.  I learned some lessons and have got ideas for other pictures now.

I delved into my can of uncovered crayons that I had left over from my classroom - therefore I didn't know what the brands of all the crayons were - and believe me, some brands react differently than others to the heat gun!  So - I'm not completely happy with this first attempt - but the little white flowers  amongst the gobs of solid wax help it out.

I used spray starch to moisten and help me "distress" the fabric a bit - it hasn't made it too stiff - it just helped wrinkle it a bit.  We all know I have an aversion to flat paper - apparently, for artistic purposes, the same holds true for fabric.

Take the plunge - try something new today.
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