Sunday, October 7, 2018

Chocolate for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I just thought I would quickly show you the table place holders that I made yesterday afternoon in preparation for this evening's dinner.  They are quick, they are easy, they can be decorated any way YOU need them to be.  I will give a tutorial the next time I make them, for sure!

As of now, my grandson is eager to tell the rest of the family that we are having chocolate for Thanksgiving dinner.  He's excited to see their reaction.  I'm eager to see how many of us will eat the chocolate before we eat the turkey.  A chocolate appetizer sounds good to me!

Hope your Thanksgiving weekend is full of blessings.
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Here's the wee lad and I playing dominos while Grandpa is in the kitchen preparing the turkey. our family, the men always prepare all of the holiday dinners.  Of course, the women end up with the clean up afterward.  I try to follow close behind my husband so as not to end up with a total mess at the end of the event.  LOL.

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