Wednesday, April 9, 2008

You Make My Day Award.....

Wow, I was so honored to recieve this award today from Alex at
California Stampin'. It really did make my day...

Here are the rules: In order to display this 'You Make My Day Award' proudly on your blog you must re-present it to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blog land. Let them know through email or by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware, you may get the award several times yourself, and if you do, consider yourself really, really loved.

Here's my List: It was really hard to choose people because there are a lot of bloggers out there who are very inspirational and it's fun to visit each day to see what they've created. Be sure you stop by to visit them!!!

Godelieve at Stamping Mathilda
Andrea at Andrea's World
Shelly at Stamp with Shelly
Danielle at Wild Dragonfly Designs
Dawn at Treasureoilerdesignz
Karen at Karen's Kreations
Kerry at Cards by Kerry
Julie at Paper Pleasing Ideas
Silke at My Life
Laurie at Inspired Designs

Happy Stampin' - Joan


Godelieve said...

Thanks a lot, and congrats to you :)

Andrea, said...

Congratulations and thank you so much for the award

dpkennedy said...

Wow, thanks! I didn't even know your blog was up! When I check your profile it's listed twice and the first one doesn't have any posts, so I assumed...well, you know the saying! I can't wait to browse it and some of the others you listed who I am not familiar with. Thank you so much, your comments are always so sweet and this is really an honor!

Karen said...

Wow! I am so honored! Thank you so much for nominating my blog. What a wonderful, wonderful surprise! I really appreciate all your kind comments on my creations. You're a sweetie!

Alex said...

You deserve this Joan - you ROCK!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the award!!! That's very kind of you - I have not forgotten about it and I'll post it soon!!!

Have a great evening ~Silke~