Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall Conference

I attended the Fall Conference in Edmonton last night and am heading back again today.  It was good to see friends and I enjoyed the structure of the make and takes!  We rotated around to stations making bits and pieces for the projects we put together at the very last table.  We didn't know what things were going to look like until the end.  

We used the new Gift Box Punch Board - I wasn't going to get it…..but I just may have to now!

Well - we didn't created pieces at every station - this is the picture I created with a blind fold on according to the verbal instructions that were given to us.  In a nutshell….
*Draw Niagara Falls on a sunny day
*Draw a maple tree to the left of the falls
*Draw three maple leaves on the tree.
*Draw yourself to the right of the falls - put a bag in your right hand, put some money in your left hand.  Write the word FREE under the bag.
*Draw three of your friends up in the sky
*Ink up the stamp on the table and stamp it on the paper and write your name beside it.
Totally fun!

Have a great day!

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