Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Revamped Typewriter

Not so long ago, May 22, I created the card below....

I was happy with this card - but I've had the need to revamp it.  During our holiday in the Maritimes, we stayed at the Bluenose Lodge for one night in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
What an incredible establishment!  So - I wanted to send a thank you card after we returned home....Andrea had an old typewriter in her foyer on a table where she checked people in for the night. I thought that my "old" card was perfect - I just needed to make it a bit more feminine.  I created a paper flower using the First Edition DSP and I also put rhinestones into the centres of the little brads that I initially used.  I also distressed the edges of the centre piece.  Viola - a vintage card for a wonderfully vintage house.  I would highly recommend this lodge if you are needing a place to stay a night or two in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

One more thing checked off of my to do list - Yay!
This is the second post of the day - so thanks for stopping by!

Finally - I'd like to mention two more sessions I attended at convention -  during "I am Open for Business" Carrie Cudney spoke about how to find new customers and how to make the most of new leads that come our way.  
'I am Reaching Out", presented by Emily Montoya, focused on how to attract the "Generation Y" group of women - which took us right back to the Keynote speaker Jason Dorsey.  Emily gave us lots to think about and I've already incorporated some of her ideas into my business.  So - convention was the perfect mix of fun, information and excitement!

A quote from Emily's session.....
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!
Too true!

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newfiecrafter(Marilyn) said...

Love how you revamped your card and it was so nice that you had the chance to visit our beautiful province .Not sure if you made it to Cape Breton but if you did I live in the 1st community when you cross over the Canso Causeway .